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Set Of 2 Early Wall Sconces Perforated Shade

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Introducing a captivating Set of 2 Early Wall Sconces with Perforated Shades from the 1950s. These remarkable wall lamps feature a classic white beige color that effortlessly complements various interior styles.

The standout feature of these wall sconces is their intricately perforated shades. The shades are adorned with a star-like pattern of perforations, allowing the light to create a mesmerizing display of patterns and shadows when illuminated. The delicate balance between light and shadow adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall design.

The shades are securely connected to elegant brass wall fixations, which not only provide stability but also serve as a beautiful accent to the overall aesthetic. The brass finish adds a touch of warmth and timeless charm, enhancing the visual appeal of these wall sconces.

This set of two wall sconces is perfect for creating a cohesive and harmonious lighting arrangement in your space. Whether installed together in a hallway, flanking a mirror, or positioned strategically in different rooms, they bring a consistent aesthetic and an aura of sophistication.

If you are looking to enhance your interior with a touch of vintage elegance, these Early Wall Sconces with Perforated Shades are an excellent choice. Their unique design, quality craftsmanship, and timeless appeal make them a valuable addition to any home or space.

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Design Period
Brass, Metal
18 Width 13 Depth 21 Height
This vintage lighting piece is exceptionally well-maintained, showing minimal signs of age or use, and functions flawlessly.

Set Of 2 Early Wall Sconces Perforated Shade
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