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"H1020" Pendant


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"H1020" Pendant by Artiforte, the Netherlands, 1960: Discover the captivating design of the "H1020" pendant, a remarkable creation by Artiforte. This pendant, originating from the Netherlands in the 1960s, showcases a harmonious blend of materials and a thoughtful design.

The pendant features an aluminum top part in the shape of a dome, creating an elegant and modern aesthetic. The dome has an opening at the top, allowing a gentle glow of light to escape. Overlapping the plexiglas bottom part, this acts as a diffuser, softening the light and creating a warm and inviting ambiance in the surrounding space.

A small aluminum circle at the bottom holds the plexiglas dome in place, adding a subtle touch of visual interest. With a stem connecting the bottom part to the frame ensures a secure and stylish fixation.

The combination of aluminum and plexiglas adds a sleek and contemporary touch to the "H1020" pendant. The overlapping design and the use of different materials create a captivating interplay of light and shadows, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

The "H1020" pendant by Artiforte is a testament to the design ingenuity of the era. Each piece has been thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and is in excellent condition, ready to illuminate your space with its timeless charm and exceptional design.

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The Netherlands
Design Period
Aluminium, Plexi
28 Height 55 Diameter
This vintage lighting item has some minor wear and tear consistent with its age, but overall, it remains in good working order and retains its charm.
"H1020" Pendant
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