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AfterMidnight's Journey through 20th Century Lighting

AfterMidnight's Journey through 20th Century Lighting

Welcome to AfterMidnight, where the luminosity of the past converges with the contemporary. We are your premier destination for 20th Century Lighting, curating a collection that spans from the Early years through the Mid Century and into the realms of Vintage design. Let's delve into the fascinating world of design history and explore the diverse styles that have shaped our curated selection.

Illuminating Design Evolution

At AfterMidnight, we specialize in bringing you the essence of design evolution. From the opulence of Art Deco to the futuristic allure of Space Age, the functional simplicity of Bauhaus, the iconic Mid-Century Modern, the avant-garde spirit of Modernisme, the industrial aesthetic, to the playful eccentricity of Postmodernism — our showroom is a treasure trove of styles waiting to be discovered.

Brands That Define Excellence

Our commitment to excellence is echoed in the brands we showcase. AfterMidnight proudly presents iconic names such as Vistosi, Fog & Mørup, Cosack, Aneta, Artiforte, BAG Turgi, Baltensweiler, Beisl Leuchten, Glashütte Limburg, Kalmar Franken, Hala Zeist, Lamperti, Limburg, Luxus, Metalarte, Tronconi, Van Doorn, and Zerbetto and many more. Each brand contributes to our diverse array, offering pieces that embody the essence of their respective design philosophies.

Your Gateway to Vintage Design

Whether you're a collector seeking rarity or an interior designer in search of the perfect statement piece, our collection caters to all tastes and preferences. With an inventory exceeding 20,000 pieces of 20th Century lamps, you can always mail us for specific request.

International Reach, Local Passion

While our roots are in passion, our reach extends internationally. At AfterMidnight, we believe that the allure of vintage lighting should be accessible to design enthusiasts worldwide. Our commitment to lighting architecture and vintage design transcends borders, bringing a touch of timeless brilliance to every corner of the globe.

Unique Sets and Quantities

What sets AfterMidnight apart is our unique ability to provide large quantities of the same model and sets. This distinctive offering makes us the go-to resource for set designers and interior professionals, facilitating the creation of cohesive looks for movie sets or living spaces.

Visit AfterMidnight Online

If you're ready to immerse yourself in the luminous tapestry of design history, AfterMidnight awaits your exploration. Visit our website to experience the brilliance of 20th Century Lighting firsthand. Follow us on Instagram here to stay updated on our latest products and projects.

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