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In the residential space of artist Arne Quinze, we had the privilege of providing vintage lamps that beautifully integrated into his home. Vintage lamps were chosen to complement the unique character and style of the house, adding a touch of uniqueness and beauty. For this project, we curated a selection of different unique lamps, including a remarkably large Plafonniere Chandelier, Murano chandeliers with 15 arms, and two chandeliers made of vintage glasses, each creating a stunning light effect. The lighting in this home serves as a focal point, elevating the atmosphere and creating a special environment. The vintage lamps perfectly complement Arne's nature-inspired style, with vibrant colors and patterns throughout the house, integrating beautifully with his own artworks. These unique lamps make each room even more special, creating a strong impact on the overall ambiance and turning every space into a focal point.

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Design Table Lamp from our vintage collection, with a Herman Miller Chair
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