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In the heart of Antwerp's city center lies a captivating old castle building. To enhance its historical charm, we carefully selected vintage mid-century lighting. These timeless fixtures from renowned brands like Artiforte, Luxus, Cosack, and Tronconi, primarily crafted from white plexiglass perfectly complement each room's distinctive character. Illuminating the space, these vintage lamps serve as captivating focal points without overshadowing the room's inherent beauty. Our client was delighted with the nostalgic allure of the vintage lamps and the harmonious connection they fostered among the diverse lighting elements. With our vast stock of carefully sourced vintage lights, we relish projects like these, creating a cohesive environment that seamlessly blends history with contemporary finesse. Through the seamless integration of vintage mid-century lighting, we have breathed new life into this remarkable castle building, honoring its storied past while envisioning a radiant future.

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Design Table Lamp from our vintage collection, with a Herman Miller Chair
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