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We had the opportunity to provide Yust Housing in Liège with a magnificent lighting installation that truly sets the space apart. Spread throughout the rooms, you will find our stunning custom-made chandeliers adorned with 2000 vintage glass pendants, meticulously crafted to fit around the structure of the building. These chandeliers create a mesmerizing visual effect, floating between the ceiling and ground, elegantly covering the necessary structural beams while illuminating the room with a captivating glow. In addition to these grand crystal pillar chandeliers, we also supplied a selection of smaller vintage lamps and incorporated them strategically throughout the space. To complete the overall look, we introduced 60s cinema chairs that exude retro charm and an 80s conference table, creating a perfect balance of vintage aesthetics and functional design. The combination of our custom chandeliers, smaller vintage lamps, and carefully chosen furniture pieces has transformed Yust Housing into a truly enchanting and distinctive environment.

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Design Table Lamp from our vintage collection, with a Herman Miller Chair
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