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"2916" Industrial Pendant


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"Enrique Franch's '2916' Pendant for Metalarte, Green Lacquered Metal and Glass, Spain: Unleash the charm of industrial style in your space with this striking '2916' pendant lamp designed by Enrique Franch for Metalarte. Hailing from Spain, this piece embodies the robust, functional aesthetic of industrial design, harmoniously blended with sophisticated minimalism.

The pendant's frame and shade are made from high-quality metal, lacquered in an arresting shade of green. This color imbues the piece with a distinct, vibrant character, lending a unique focal point to any interior. This metal framework supports a cylindrical glass feature, intricately designed with a mix of clear and frosted finishes. This dual texture serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose, adding to the lamp's visual intrigue while subtly diffusing the light.

What sets this pendant apart is its ingenious design where the glass cylinder secures the shade in place, creating a beautiful interplay of materials and shapes. This design element not only adds to its visual appeal but also demonstrates Enrique Franch's innovative approach to design.

Despite its age, this Metalarte pendant retains its industrial charm and is in excellent condition. It has been thoroughly checked and cleaned for immediate use. 

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Enrique Franch
Design Period
Glass, Green Metal
56,5 Height 49,5 Diameter
This vintage lighting piece is exceptionally well-maintained, showing minimal signs of age or use, and functions flawlessly.
"2916" Industrial Pendant
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