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Akari 10DA, Ozeki 1951

Isamu Noguchi

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What makes this particular Akari lamp even more exceptional is its pristine condition and history. This lamp has never been used before, preserved in its original state since its production in the 1950s. Such a well-preserved, untouched piece is a true rarity and offers collectors and enthusiasts a glimpse into the past and the genius of Isamu Noguchi.

The Akari floor lamp model "10DA" is a rare and remarkable creation by the renowned Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi. Produced during the 1950s, this particular lamp is a truly unique piece, never having been used before. With an intriguing history and a recent upgrade to its original frame, this Akari lamp carries immense artistic and historical value.

While the lampshade remains original, the frame of this Akari model "10DA" has recently been replaced. However, it is important to note that the frame is an authentic Akari frame, carefully selected to match the original design intent and specifications. This upgrade ensures the structural integrity and longevity of the lamp while respecting the historical significance of the piece.

Owning a never-used Isamu Noguchi Akari floor lamp model "10DA" is a rare privilege that allows one to experience Noguchi's vision firsthand. Placing this unique piece in a contemporary or vintage setting enhances its timeless appeal, creating a captivating blend of art and functionality.

The Isamu Noguchi Akari floor lamp model "10DA" from the 1950s is a remarkable and sought-after creation, representing the genius of one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Its pristine condition, coupled with the recent replacement of the original frame with an authentic Akari frame, ensures its longevity while preserving its historical integrity. As a unique and never-used piece, this Akari lamp represents a rare opportunity to own a truly extraordinary work of art.

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Isamu Noguchi
Ozeki & Co
Design Period
Washi Paper, Bamboo, Metal
125 Height 55 Diameter
This vintage lighting piece is exceptionally well-maintained, showing minimal signs of age or use, and functions flawlessly.
Akari 10DA, Ozeki 1951
Drawer Title
Design Table Lamp from our vintage collection, with a Herman Miller Chair
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