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Cuboid Space Age Table Lamp

BAG Turgi

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Introducing the Cuboid Space Age Table Lamp by BAG Turgi, designed by Chris Moor. This distinctive piece features a striking green turquoise color. The lamp's design showcases a perfect blend of geometric simplicity and futuristic charm, embodying the essence of Space Age aesthetics. The cuboid form is enhanced by its translucent panels, which emit a soft, ambient glow when illuminated. The sturdy base, elevated by four arching legs, provides a stable foundation while contributing to the lamp's unique architectural appeal. The circular cutouts on each side of the cuboid not only add visual interest but also allow the light to create intriguing patterns and reflections. A true Space Age gem.

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Chris Moor
BAG Turgi
Design Period
Plexiglass, Metal
12cm Width 12cm Depth 17cm Height
This vintage lighting fixture is in remarkable shape, with only minor signs of wear, and all original components impeccably preserved.
Cuboid Table Lamp by BAG Turgi and designer Chris Moor
Cuboid Space Age Table Lamp
Drawer Title
Design Table Lamp from our vintage collection, with a Herman Miller Chair
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