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Mushroom Space Age Table Lamp By Elio Martinelli


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Transport yourself back to the iconic midcentury period with this extraordinary table lamp that embraces the captivating aesthetics of the Space Age style. With its distinctive design elements, it captures the essence of the era's futuristic vision.

The centerpiece of this table lamp is its double acrylic shade, adorned in different colors, creating a striking visual contrast. The interplay of hues adds depth and Dimension, while the acrylic Material exudes a sleek and modern appeal. The shades not only diffuse the light beautifully but also contribute to the lamp's overall artistic flair.

Complementing the vibrant shades is a chrome steel support that exudes sophistication and elegance. Its sleek and reflective surface enhances the lamp's space-age aesthetic, adding a touch of contemporary allure. The support is thoughtfully designed to provide stability while effortlessly integrating with the lamp's overall design language.

To anchor the lamp in style, it features a sleek black base that serves as a bold foundation. This base provides a striking contrast to the chrome steel support, accentuating the lamp's overall visual impact. Its minimalistic yet sturdy design ensures that the lamp stands securely on any tabletop or surface.

Embodying the spirit of the midcentury Space Age style, this table lamp is a true testament to timeless design. Its double acrylic shades, chrome steel support, and black base come together harmoniously to create a captivating lighting piece that transcends eras. Illuminate your space with this remarkable table lamp and enjoy the perfect blend of vintage charm and futuristic allure.

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Elio Martinelli
The Netherlands
Design Period
Steel, Plexi Glass
57 Height 35 Diameter
Mushroom Space Age Table Lamp By Elio Martinelli
Drawer Title
Design Table Lamp from our vintage collection, with a Herman Miller Chair
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