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Grand Floor Lamp With Adjustable Arm

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Introducing the Grand Floor Lamp with Adjustable Arm, a statement piece that combines functionality with sleek design. This floor lamp boasts an adjustable arm that can be moved up or down, allowing you to create different hanging positions and customize the lighting according to your preference.

The lamp features a stunning combination of chrome and silver tones, lending a contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic to any space. The round floor base is sturdy and provides a solid foundation for the lamp. Two chrome stems elegantly extend from the base, providing support for the adjustable arm.

The connecting point between the base stems and the arm of the lamp is designed to be flexible, allowing you to adjust the height of the arm to your desired position. This versatility ensures that you can create the perfect lighting ambiance for any occasion.

At the end of the arm, you'll find a unique shade that combines both aluminum and plexi materials. This half-aluminum and half-plexi design adds a touch of modernity and visual interest to the lamp. The plexi diffuser inside the shade helps to create a soft and diffused lighting effect, enhancing the overall atmosphere in the room.

Experience the versatility and sophistication of the Grand Floor Lamp with Adjustable Arm as it becomes the focal point of your space. Whether used for reading, task lighting, or as a stylish accent piece, this lamp is sure to elevate the ambiance and aesthetics of your interior.

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Chromed Steel, Plexiglass, Aluminium
42 Width 180 Depth 200 Height
Drawer Title
Design Table Lamp from our vintage collection, with a Herman Miller Chair
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