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"Formland 3" Table Lamp For Fog&Mørup

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"Formland 3" Table Lamp by Sidse Werner & Leif Alring for Fog & Mørup: Discover the captivating design of the "Formland 3" table lamp, a masterpiece created by the visionary duo Sidse Werner and Leif Alring for Fog & Mørup. Inspired by the art of parachute jumping, this lamp exhibits a unique form and a seamless blend of materials.

The lamp features a vibrant yellow base that catches the eye and adds a pop of color to any space. The base elegantly merges with an acrylic shade/diffuser, creating a harmonious transition between the two elements. This cohesive design evokes the graceful descent of a parachute, capturing a sense of fluidity and movement.

The inspiration drawn from parachute jumping is reflected in the lamp's overall silhouette, which echoes the form of a parachute canopy and the interconnected ropes. This design concept lends the lamp a distinctive aesthetic that is both contemporary and visually captivating.

The acrylic shade/diffuser ensures a soft and diffused illumination, creating a warm and inviting glow in your room. The combination of vibrant color, thoughtful form, and high-quality materials makes the "Formland 3" table lamp a truly exceptional piece of design.

Each piece of the "Formland 3" lamp has been thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and is in excellent condition, ready to illuminate your space with its unique character and inspired design.

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Sidse Werner & Leif Alring
Design Period
Metal, Acryl
34 Height 20 Diameter
Very good condition as you can see on the pictures. The Acrylic shade has some coloring
"Formland 3" Table Lamp For Fog&Mørup by designers Sidse Werner & Leif Alring
"Formland 3" Table Lamp For Fog&Mørup
Drawer Title
Design Table Lamp from our vintage collection, with a Herman Miller Chair
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