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Space Age Pendant

B+L Leuchten

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Introducing the Space Age Pendant by B+L Leuchten, Germany. This captivating pendant light embodies the retro-futuristic design of the Space Age era. The pendant features a vibrant orange color scheme that adds a bold pop of color to any space.

The main design element of this pendant is the combination of glass and metal circles. The uppermost circle acts as a fixture to hold the glass piece securely in place, while the subsequent metal circles descend and intertwine, creating an intriguing visual composition. The circles underneath hang in a formation that complements the shape of the milk glass diffuser, resulting in a cohesive and harmonious design.

The milk glass diffuser itself adds a touch of elegance and softens the light emitted by the pendant, creating a warm and inviting ambiance in the surrounding space. The orange metal circles add a sense of vibrancy and playfulness, evoking the spirit of the Space Age design movement.

The Space Age Pendant is a versatile lighting fixture that can be used as a focal point in various settings, including living rooms, dining areas, or even in commercial spaces. Its distinctive design and vibrant color make it a statement piece that adds a unique touch to any interior decor.

This pendant is in excellent condition, ready to be installed and illuminate your space with its retro charm and captivating presence. 

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B+L Leuchten
Design Period
Glass, Metal
24 Height 45 Diameter
This vintage lighting piece is exceptionally well-maintained, showing minimal signs of age or use, and functions flawlessly.
Space Age Pendant
Drawer Title
Design Table Lamp from our vintage collection, with a Herman Miller Chair
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