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Thick Glass Diffuser Wall Lamp


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Thick Glass Diffuser Wall Lamp by Kontakt-Werkstätten, Germany, 1965. This remarkable wall lamp is a true statement piece that adds a captivating focal point to your interior. Its standout feature is the exceptionally thick and heavy glass diffuser, which exudes character and uniqueness.

The lamp's wall base is constructed from durable steel, providing a sturdy foundation for the glass diffuser. The base also serves as a protective cover for the front of the lamp, ensuring a safe and well-contained lighting experience.

The thick glass cylinder, adorned with intricate lines and forms on its exterior, creates a mesmerizing play of light and shadow on the wall behind. This adds an additional layer of visual interest and ambiance to any space.

Please note that there are some minor chips on the inner side of the glass diffuser at the wall, but these imperfections are not visible when the lamp is installed and do not detract from its overall beauty and functionality.

Discover the allure of this unique wall lamp and bring a touch of sophistication to your interior design.

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Design Period
Heavy Glass Diffuser, Steel Frame
17 Depth 15,5 Diameter
This vintage lighting piece is exceptionally well-maintained, showing minimal signs of age or use, and functions flawlessly. Glass has some chips at he backside.
Thick Glass Diffuser Wall Lamp
Drawer Title
Design Table Lamp from our vintage collection, with a Herman Miller Chair
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